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Have you tired of old home furniture and you want something new? As it happens, not even on purpose, just today you saw a promotion that offers special discounts on all home furnishings, unfortunately, however, at the moment you do not have the necessary liquidity to take advantage of the discounts. So then you are thinking of taking out a loan aimed at remedying the problem. Well, if so, this article is the right one for you! Why? Simple, you know Astro Finance Bank right? Well, do you know that among the various types of loans offered there is just what could be right for you?

The Astro Finance Loan furniture and furnishings can be the ideal solution to overcome the problem of lack of liquidity. Thanks to this financing, you can buy the furniture and furnishings you want and then pay everything in installments.

Astro Finance finances 100% of the purchase, in addition and offers a great advantage, the “installment change” and “installment skip” option, all without applying any charge.

Requesting it is simple, practical and fast, in fact, you can submit your loan application directly online and, if you meet all the required requirements, in a short time you will be credited the entire sum directly to your checking account. It is therefore a quick loan that is easy to obtain if you have an income of any type as long as it is legal and demonstrable.

Do the premises seem good to you? Well, let’s not waste any more time, let’s see all the details of the offer so you can get a more precise idea of ​​how everything works. Enjoy the reading.

Loan Astro Finance furniture and furnishings: features

Loan Astro Finance furniture and furnishings: features

Let’s start talking about the peculiarities of this loan aimed at guiding you step by step: one of the important features is the possibility to take advantage, after the payment of the first 6 installments, of the two options ” Change and Skip Installment “: ideal if you want to modify or choose to postpone the installments based on new needs. This procedure can be carried out via SMS, by going to the Customer Center or simply by going to the site and entering as registered users in the Customer Area.

How installments are paid
The monthly installments are paid directly to the bank account indicated in the contract.

No need to change banks
Another advantage that this loan offers is that there is no need to change banks : it is possible to apply for a loan even if you have a bank account in another company.

Fundable amount
Astro Finance finances 100% of the amount necessary for the purchase of new furniture as long as it is used according to the stated purpose.

The funds can also be used to pay professionals
It is also possible to take advantage of the financing to pay the professionals who follow the furniture project : as architects or interior designers.

Loan insurance
Another important feature is insurance , this is not mandatory , but it is possible to include it in the loan installment. The insurance policy can be activated when, due to force majeure, the customer is unable to pay all or some of the scheduled installments.

Requirements to apply for the loan

  1. The first requirement is to have reached the age of majority and not to have passed the 75th year.
  2. you must attach a document that guarantees you have demonstrable income, such as the last paycheck, the pension slip, or the last tax return if you are working on your own. Rental income or any other kind of income is also considered useful for the loan application.
  3. Other requirement: to have the residence in the Italian territory and to have at the same time to own a current account.
  4. The fourth and final requirement is that of having a good credit reputation and not being registered in the list of bad payers in the databases.

Requested documents

  • Valid identity document.
  • Fiscal Code.
  • A document that demonstrates that you have an income.
  • Lastly, a domicile document must be presented: if, should the domicile be different from the address on the identification document, it is necessary to attach another document, such as the vehicle registration document or utility bills.

Loan details

Amount to be requested
The amount that can be requested varies from 1,000 to 60,000 USD.

Number of installments, duration of the loan
The number of installments ranges from a minimum of 6 up to a maximum of 120.

Interest rates
The TAN and APR interest rates are 6.25% and 6.43% fixed for the duration of the loan.

Duration of funding
The maximum duration of the loan is 8 years.

Insurance coverage
Insurance coverage is not mandatory, but you can include it in the loan installment by adding a small fee when you decide to have the loan and then pay it monthly.

Timing and method of delivery from the approval of the file
As regards the timing of delivery, the easiest and fastest way to obtain it is to submit the request online. Once the practice is approved, the loan is generally disbursed in 24/48 hours.

Withdrawal and refund method
The method of disbursement is made by transfer directly to the bank account, while the refund is made by direct debit from the bank account.

Example of financing with calculation of the installment.

We have as objective, for example, the purchase of a new kitchen, so on the site we will write that we want a loan for an amount of 9,000 USD (excluding insurance).

The monthly payment is 124.80 USD.

The loan has a duration of 96 months, or 8 years in total.

The interest rates applied are 7.46% for the TAN and the APR (the most important parameter for any comparisons) is 7.72%.

The total amount to be reimbursed is 11,980.80 of which 2,980.80 are costs and interest.

How to apply for the Astro Finance loan Renovation works

How to apply for the Astro Finance loan Renovation works

To obtain the loan it is advisable to go to the Astro Finance website where, with a simple click, you can access the loan page (in this case Astro Finance Loan furniture and furnishings), writing the amount you need together with the type of project you want finance under the words “apply for your loan online”.

  1. The first step to follow is the following: choose the type of loan to be requested (in this case “furniture and furnishings”) and type in the amount you need;
  2. after calculating the loan and after choosing the most accessible proposal, you must click on ‘request financing’ where the page on which to enter your personal data will appear.
  3. the last step to complete to obtain the loan is to digitally sign.

The loan can also be requested by telephone by contacting an operator available from Monday to Saturday from 9.00 to 19.30. Or you can go to the nearest branch with or without an appointment.

Summary of the most important features

Summary of the most important features

To fix key points.

Loan details
Amount to be requested FROM 1,000 TO 60,000 USD.
Maximum duration of funding 8 years old.
Rate of installments The installments are monthly.
Guarantees required you need to attach a document proving your income.
Refund procedure The refund is made by direct debit from the current account.
Insurance Not mandatory, but you can get it by including it in the financing price.
Type of rate applied fixed rate.
Rates applied TAN of 6.25% and APR of 6.43%.
Skip the installment the installment is skipped thanks to the “Skip installment” option.
Requested documents Identity card, tax code, prove your income and domicile with a document.


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