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The set of terms “repurchase credit” is synonymous with a financial technique of sealing debts or different loans by assembling them into a single loan or bond. the possibility of lightening the monthly expense of credit repayment. Therefore, you will only have to repay a single debt. The repurchase of credit without co-debtor is in adequacy with the income of the borrower.

This financial solution also helps to extend the loan repayment period while minimizing monthly payments. The borrower replaces his short-term debts with greater long-term credit. With a co-borrower, you have to register two individuals and then justify that the income is common. In the case of a credit consolidation without a co-debtor, only one person is registered and it is sufficient to justify whether his income covers all of his monthly expenses.

Benefits of Loan Redemption Without a Co-Borrower

Benefits of Loan Redemption Without a Co-Borrower

This solution allows the borrower to increase his discounted interest rate. The repurchase of credit without co-borrower also allows you to realize your projects and offers you a real help to find a financial limpidity.

Before the credit consolidation, the consumer loan occupies an important place in the personal financial chart. On the other hand, real estate credit represents almost half of the diagram and because of this, the rest to live is very minimal. After the repurchase of credit, the mortgage credit rate becomes null and a new credit occupying a larger part replaces the consumer loan. The new credit is greater than the consumer loan, but remains the only debt that comes out of your wallet.

What is even more interesting with the repurchase of credit without co-borrower is that the debt ratio can go down to 33%. Having multiple debts only increases the stress, but with such a financial solution, you will only have one monthly repayment. You will have a budget easier to manage. This type of credit redemption can also be a good solution for the unemployed.


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